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Our Program is guided by the Belonging, Being & Becoming: Early Years Learning Framework which encompasses, extends and enriches children’s learning from birth through to their transition to school

two early learning age children playing on the grass


Birth to 2 years program

At this early sensory stage children play and discover through interacting with their environment. 

Our educators allow for opportunities to explore and interact in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. 

Educators pay special attention, listening and communicating with families to ensure mutual relationships of trust are developed and that care and play routines resemble the home environment.


2 to 3 years program

Our young toddlers are actively exploring and experimenting with new ways of playing, knowing and improving their mobility. 

Children are naturally curious at this age, doing through active hands on learning experiences that are self-initiated and accomplishing these with the support of educators. 

Our outdoor gardens are designed to encourage action and discovery through play. 

Toddlers have the opportunity to play at their own pace, to investigate and to interact with other children and their educators, to be happy. 

Our educators develop and encourage children’s actions in small groups and encourage independence.

3 Year Old Kindergarten

Our Three Year Old Kinder provides opportunity for curious children to continue to develop and explore. 

An interest based approach to learning allows educators and children to value each other’s contributions and learn together, each having valuable knowledge and varied experiences to share together. 

The children are supported to contribute to the daily functioning of their own room, developing a sense of belonging. 

Communication is a major focus and the use of small groups allows children to participate with confidence and to have the opportunity to do things for themselves. 

Our complimentary relationships with our children give them a sense of security that allows them to attempt new experiences and to learn.

a kindergarten boy exploring nature

4 Year Old Kindergarten

Sessional Kinder with the convenience of long day care.


Our Four Year Old Kindergarten values a shared child/educator initiated focus on learning. 

Children are supported as independent learners, thinkers and gatherers of knowledge and we share what we know together, we ask questions together and we gather answers together. 

Ourinquiry based approachtoward learning stimulates ‘intellectual vitality’ where children are curious, absorbed and interested in what they are doing. 

We value play as a tool in which children can learn resilience and life skills and make sense of their world. 

Our program focuses on building strength of character through appreciating children for their uniqueness. 

Our learning environment is informal to allow children to grow with confidence and security.  

We concentrate on supporting and encouraging children’s sense of agency, our children making decisions and choosing to control their actions, working toward independence in small group situations.


a kindergarten boy exploring nature

Minnows ELC

A place to nurture a life long love of learning


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